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Want Art?
Realistic graphite and charcoal fox (Commission 3) by S-a-b-u
Graphite blue jay by S-a-b-u
White charcoal tiger by S-a-b-u
Alright, so as I posted in my journal, I need to start drawing more.
I'm going to be offering commissions to people for 100 points a piece. 
Feel free to commission me and there are a few examples I have in my gallery.
When you go to commission me, list your characters, and whether or not you want a head shot or a full body. Until I get better at black and white, anatomy and shading/high lights, I will not be offering colored photos. I apologize for this, but I hope it does not stunt anyone from wanting art from me.

1. :iconsadbloom:    2.:iconmelsebeon:    3.    4.    5.    6.    7.    8.    9.    10.    11.    12.    13.    14.    15.    16.    17.    18.    19.    20.    21.    22.    23.    24.    25.    26.    27.    28.    29.    30. 


Hello and welcome to Sabu's Draw My Characters Art Contest.
Below is the requirements to join in and all the information you will need for this contest. 

Rules & Characters

"I am a [r a r e] species...
not a -s t e r e o t y p e."

F i r s t things first: the * c h a r a c t e r s!

Please click the icon to be taken to their ref and/or art.

Pirate  ◘  Gemma  ◘  Rune

Marionette  ◘  Honna  ◘  Halcyon

  Finn  ◘  Genevieve ◘  Angler  ◘  Katsu

*On Pirate's ref, please note his facial markings and use the examples provided to get his marking right. There are two dots on both sides of his muzzle, not three and two or any other variation. Here is an example of Pirate's face.. and no. His whiskers do not come out of these dots.. 

* I favor digital art over traditional. For this reason, please do not enter traditional art unless you have my permission. 

* In order to join this contest, you must provide me at least 5 pieces. (You are encouraged to have more, but 5 is the minimum). Of these pieces, there must be at least one image of each of my fursonas (Pirate and Rune). For the other three pieces, you may choose from the list provided above. However, you may only draw Marionette once and yes, the monkey is to be included with the drawing.

* Of the five pieces,you must provide me with one piece that is full detail (high lighted and shaded) and one piece that is full body. For these two requirements, please tell me in your art descriptions which piece(s) is/are your requirement piece(s). These may be the same image, but they do not have to be.

* Of the five pieces, no more than two busts will be allowed, unless they are icons or badges. 

* Because this is an art contest, I will be keeping all artwork of my characters that is entered, regardless of whether you place or not.

* The grand prize will only be given out if I have at least 15 contestants.

* When posting your entries, please only comment to this journal once. Every time you post a new piece of art, please reply to your first comment. Anyone who does not do this will have all art not in their first comment disqualified. I have posted an example in the comment section of this journal, please refer to it if you're unsure what to do.

* I do not want 5 minute entries. Please draw to the best of your ability, color in the lines and do your best to make the markings as accurate as possible.

This is an example of what I don't want. This is clearly not done well; the coloring is outside of the lines and Pirate's markings are not correct.

* There are some guidelines to follow when sizing the drawings. These are the smallest that the drawings in these categories can be, but larger pieces are greatly encouraged.

Sprites: 50 x 50
Pixel: 100 x 100
Flatcolor: 400 x 400
Shaded: 700 x 700
Bust: 300 x 300
Painting: 900 x 900
Fullbody w/ BG: 800 x 800


"N o t the prize gives the *j o y...
but the s t r i v i n g to win the -p r i z e."

What's a c o m p e t i t i o n without * p r i z e s?

[G r a n d] Prize
Winner's choice of: 
2 years premium membership
4,000 dA points
$50 USD

*F i r s t Place
Winner's choice of:
2,000 dA points
$25 USD

S e c o n d;; Place
1,000 dA points

-T h i r d- Place
500 dA points

F o u r t h Place
150 points

- Even art that does not place will be kept, since it is art of my characters.
- The grand prize will not be given out unless there are at least 15 entrants.

End Date

"This song is [e n d i n g]...
but the story -n e v e r ends."

*To Be Determined.

I am not in a financially stable position to give out the rewards, so this will continue until I am able to pay.


"N e v e r give up a *h a p p y middle...
in h o p e s of a happy -e n d i n g."

T h a n k you for your -[t i m e]!

I hope you all enjoy this contest. You may use the contest banner with a link to this journal if you'd like to advertise my contest. You don't have to advertise to enter, but just keep in mind that the grand prize will not be given out unless I get at least 15 contestants. You may post the banner to dA and ChickenSmoothie but do not post elsewhere. Thank you all <3

Credit goes to all artists who originally designed my characters, and all art credit will always be given to each person who participates.

** Banner and formatting by Untamed--Spirit.

Edit: Got rid of Jemiah, decided to not have her in the contest afterall.. also edited the requirements.

UPDATE: Due to situations in real life, I have been absent from most social media sites.. because my situations will not be getting better any time soon, I've decided to extend the due date on my contest..  Also, I will not be giving out the grand prize.. due to not enough participants. Also, because only two have actually met my requirements, I will only be giving out prizes to those who have actually met my requirements. So if there is only two, I will only be giving out rewards to the two. 


S-a-b-u's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Well hi there.
I am Tiffany and I was born August 13, 1996.

I love reading boods, drawing, eating, nature, sleeping, felines, and wolves. I enjoy watching several different series on the television such as: Pretty Little Liars, My Little Pony, Being Human (UK Version), and Greek. My favorite movie would have to be, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. When I moved at the age of 12 to live with my dad, I found out I had a talent for drawing. Since then, I've been trying my hardest to improve and please others with my art.

Art Creds: Mrsweg

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